Jesus came for the Pharisees too



When Jesus walked on earth, he spent time with people that respectable society ignored. Tax collectors, prostitutes, outsiders and outcasts. He loved these people and spoke words of grace to them. He ate with them, showing that he wasn’t ashamed to be seen having fellowship with them. And he healed them, both physically and spiritually. He called them to salvation, and many took up the call and followed him.

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How to have daily conversation with God

There are few things I love more than meeting up with a close friend and connecting over conversation. Laughing about the silly stuff and sharing the deep stuff. That’s how relationships are strengthened and friendships are made. The more we meet together, the closer we become.


What if we could have a conversation with God? In fact, we actually¬†can have a conversation with God, and it’s something we’re called to do every day.



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