Our Samoan cuisine night



There are so many cuisine nights we want to do, it gets hard to choose. So, we wrote down 10 cuisine nights that would be appropriate for the summer months (sorry Norwegian, you have to wait), and we put them in a bowl. We drew one out and came up with…Samoan! I’ve grown up with lots of Pacific Islander friends so this cuisine is actually quite familiar to me.

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Words of wisdom from Nana

Today marks two years since my beloved Nana passed away to her eternal home. A few months before she passed away, my family gathered to visit her and she gave us some words of wisdom. These ended up being the last words she spoke to me, as in her final months she was too unwell to speak. So these words have become very special to me, and I share them with you now.



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A little bit of lobster



My husband and I are trying to save money. The goal is to one day be able to afford a house, but with the housing market as it is, that seems painfully out of reach. Saving money can be difficult. I’m really not one to blow all my earnings on shoes or clothes. But the big temptation for us is food – we do enjoy our food and, if we’re not careful, we can spend way more than we intend. Even when we’re trying to be careful, expenses pop up every where. Recently, it seems each week our groceries have come in significantly over-budget. And meeting up with friends always seems to happen at a cafe or restaurant.

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Our German cuisine night



A German cuisine night seemed appropriate last week for two reasons. First, Oktoberfest. And second, it was the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, which started with Martin Luther in Germany. So, we set down for a night of hearty German food and beer (in moderation, of course!)

Incidentally, our very first cuisine night – way back when we were newly dating – was German. So it was nice to return back to where it all started.

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