Our French cuisine nights



French is such a classic cuisine, it’s surprising we haven’t tried it already. This weekend was filled with simple, elegant ingredients cooked low and slow. It would have been nice to have a glass of red wine and some camembert or brie, but these are the sacrifices I make for my baby! We had one day in between the entree and main and the dessert – we visited some friends for dinner and they just happened to serve French macarons afterwards, keeping with the theme even when we weren’t cooking!

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Our Israeli cuisine nights




This time, we were basing our cuisine night on whatever country won Eurovision. I thought that meant we’d be doing a European cuisine, but the winning country just happened to be Israel! It’s a weird song, but it’s on the right side of Eurovision weird and a powerful statement against bullying. We did an Egyptian cuisine night last time, so I think this marks the first time we’ve done two bordering countries one after the other.

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