I can’t believe its September already!



Time has kept marching on ever since the very beginning. Every year it happens the same. Yet, every year we seem to be caught by surprise. Is there something within us that rails at the thought of our days moving forward?


Time moving forward means change. As each year passes, we archive it into the pages of history, knowing that we’ll never have that time again. 2017, which seemed so new and fresh in January, is heading towards its end. I don’t know about you, but once I realise the year’s in its last leg, the months just fly by. It will be 2018 before we know it. And what does this mean for us?

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The who, what, how and why of creation



At the moment in church, we’re going through a sermon series on the first chapters of Genesis. These chapters deal with some very foundational themes, looking at the nature of the world, of humanity, of marriage, work and family. Some big questions come up here. Among the biggest are those relating to modern science. How could God create the world in six days if scientific evidence suggests the universe is billions of years old? Where does evolution fit into all this? Does modern science disprove the creation story?


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