Ways to Worship | Topical study

We’ve reached the final week in the Ways to Worship series. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at different ways to connect with God through the Word.




I’d like to think I know my husband pretty well. I know his favourite foods and those foods that make his stomach turn. I know what makes him light up with joy and what makes his heart heavy. Sometimes that happened just through observing what he said or how he reacted. Other times, though, I found things out by intentionally asking him. The big topics. About God, about his past, about our future. I still don’t know my husband perfectly. I’m still finding things out that surprise me. But as our marriage continues, I hope to know him even more – to know his heart on any topic that comes up.

It’s like that with knowing God too. Sometimes we learn about him by observing truth in the Bible passage we happen to be reading. But sometimes, we want to know what God says about a particular topic. This is when our final Bible study method – topical studycomes in handy. Studying the Bible so we’ll know God’s approach to whatever topic or issue arises in our life.


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My morning & evening rhythm



I’ve seen a few bloggers recently posting about their daily routines. How do we care for ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually? How do we get through all the things that need to be done? I’m very much a creature of habit, so starting and ending the day right is very important to me. The word ‘routine’ seems too regimented and ‘ritual’ sounds too ‘new-agey’ for me. Rhythm has the idea of something constant but also living, breathing and changing.


This certainly isn’t the only way of doing things, nor is it even the best way. It’s just what’s working for me at the moment.

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Ways to Worship | Exegesis

We’re up to the 4th post in our Ways to Worship series – looking at different ways to read and study the Bible.




The ocean is beautiful. The beauty that we see on the surface, though, is only a tiny portion. I talked to someone once who was learning scuba diving. It’s a skill you have to grow in – practising correct techniques and becoming familiar with the weight of the water. Yet, as you plunge deeper into the ocean, your eyes are opened to a realm of abundant, vibrant life. And for me, staying above the surface, I’d never know. Sometimes we have to go deep.

Our Bible study method this week – exegesis – is about going deep. The word exegesis comes from two Greek words stuck together, and basically means ‘drawing out’. Drawing out all the meaning that’s already there in the passage. If you’ve studied theology you might be familiar with this one. But you don’t have to be a theology scholar to do exegesis – you just have to be willing to dive deep and find all the treasures within.


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Summer hygge from a 1/16th Dane

I first published this post way back in January, in the middle of summer. I’m publishing it again, with some slight editing, for my Northern Hemisphere readers.




I’m 1/16th Danish. In the 1870s, great-great-grandpa Detlef came to Australia, married an English-born woman and more than 100 years later I came along. It’s hardly anything, really. Certainly not enough to say I have strong Danish heritage. But Danish history and culture intrigue me. One thing about Danish culture I’ve been hearing a lot about recently, that stirs up something deep within my ancestral blood, is hygge. It’s difficult to get an exact translation into English, but it’s something to do with being cosy and peaceful. About slowing down and connecting. About finding contentment within the simple things of life.


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