In the light of the Reformation



500 years ago, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to a door in Wittenburg and the Refomation was set into motion. In a world where salvation could be bought and people were kept in the dark, the Reformers spoke a message of salvation by faith not works. They shone a light on the truth of the gospel – that Jesus’ death on the cross is enough to save us, and this is for anyone who believes.

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4 reasons why meal planning works for me

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You might have worked out from this blog that food is a big part of my life. I like to eat well and I try to eat healthy. I like my dining experiences to be organised and straight-forward. So, quite soon after I moved out of home (about 6 years ago now), I discovered that meal planning really works for me. Where I sit down at the beginning of the week, and plan what meals I’m going to cook on each day. I also then write my shopping list based on what I’ll need for those recipes. I have a pretty notepad that I write my recipes on, and then that goes on the fridge for easy viewing. This happens week after week after week!


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Husband of the blogger | Vol. 3

It’s time for another husband of the blogger interview. Today’s topic might sound a bit controversial – a wife’s place. We’re looking at those verses in Ephesians that talk about the different roles of husbands and wives. Daniel actually says some very lovely things. There’s nothing here saying that wives must be barefoot and pregnant, I promise!




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A world that’s different to what’s gone before



I love learning about times gone past, about kings and queens, about battles and knights. But also about everyday people and how they lived their lives. When I stop to think about it, we are living in a society that, in many ways, is vastly different to most of what’s come before. And even vastly different to other parts of the world today.

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You are enough



Have you ever finished eating a meal and realised you’re still hungry? The portion wasn’t enough. Or have you ever tried to meet a deadline but didn’t quite make it? There just wasn’t enough time. Finding out that things aren’t enough can be disappointing. The world’s voice can also tell us that we are not enough. And it’s easy to listen to this voice. I compare myself to other people or to the ideal that’s grown in my mind over time and suddenly I’m feeling insecure.

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