The secret to consistent quiet times

the secret to consistent quiet time


Sometimes, it’s easy to spend consistent time with God. I carve out a little routine, a set time and a special place, and I find myself delighting in meeting that appointment. Eventually, though, that delight fades. Life starts getting busy – or I just get plain old bored and lazy –  and my quiet times get less and less regular. Missing a day here and there leads to missing a few days in a row. Quickly skimming through a passage leads to not reading it at all. Does this happen with you too?

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The sun and the Son



On Sunday the weather got up to 45 degrees. That’s 113 degrees for all my Fahrenheit friends. That’s hot. Really, uncomfortably, disgustingly hot. In church, as I sat in an air-conditioned room, I heard a sermon on Psalm 2. This psalm talks about God scoffing at those who try to rebel against him, and about the Son of God deserving great reverence and respect. In a way, this was a very appropriate passage to be looking at on this day of extreme heat.

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My theme verse for 2018



It’s the beginning of a new year – welcome to 2018! Around this time of year, I read a lot of blog posts with people sharing their word for the year. I’ve never done this, but it sounded like something I’d like to try. One single word, though, didn’t seem to be enough. Sometimes at my old church, the pastors would pray and come up with a Bible verse for the year – the same concept but choosing a passage of Scripture that would shape the focus and direction of that year. In the last week of 2017, I prayed and thought about where we’d been this past year and where God might be leading us in 2018. One night as I was lying in bed, a Bible verse came into my head and it clicked – this was my verse for the year.

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My Bible reading journey | 2017

In 2017, I’ve taken a little time each night (or most nights) to read the Bible. I mostly read through specific books from beginning to end, and often follow along with a She Reads Truth devotional. Looking at the books I read, I can see a pretty good balance between Old Testament and New, between history, prophecy and epistles. I didn’t intentionally set out to do that but it’s nice how it worked out. Reading the Bible for a year is like going on a journey, with God revealing different things to me along the way. I love how God meets me where I am and speaks to me whenever I read his Word!




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Mary, Eve and the promised one

Some Christmas pictures, you have to admit, are incredibly cheesy – Santa with his reindeer or snow-covered pine trees (ridiculous in the Australian summer). Some pictures hit a little closer to the real meaning of Christmas – baby Jesus lying in a manger with Mary and Joseph watching over. The shepherds beholding the glory of the angels as they tell of the newborn king.


A few years ago, I came across an artwork that captures the Christmas spirit in a deep and unexpected way. It’s called ‘Virgin Mary consoles Eve’, by Sister Grace Remington.



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