A Holy History

Do you want to know more about the Old Testament story and how it connects to Jesus?

Do you want to reflect deeply on the faithfulness of God?

If so, my friend, then this is for you!

Download A Holy History here!!


A Holy History is made up of six sessions, following the big picture of Biblical narrative. We’ll look at some of the key figures in the Old Testament and the promises God made to them. We’ll explore how the promises connect to key points in Old Testament history. Most exciting of all, we’ll see how all of these promises find their fulfilment in Jesus.

Each session includes a written reflection, as well as some questions to help you go deeper in your study of the Word. I’ve also included some space for your own notetaking – fill it with lettering, with drawings, with prayers -it’s up to you.

I’m so happy that you’re joining me for this journey! I pray that this leads you to know and love God more.