Hi! My name is Bella and I’m a newly married Christian woman living in Sydney, Australia. I love God, my friends and family, tea, gardens, books and food. I’m a special ed teacher, housewifey and blogger, living to shine God’s light by his grace. I’m so happy you’ve found this20160821_123959 page and I hope you stay a while!


What will you find here?

  • words of encouragement and reflections on life
  • devotions based on the Bible
  • ideas to help you connect with God, love others and live a healthy life
  • little insights into my own life


Why ‘Over the Teacups’?

I discovered the phrase while researching my family history. It was the name of a social column in the Methodist newspaper, the sort of things that would be discussed by friends over a cup of tea. I hope this blog will feature those things that you’d talk about over the teacups – faith, life, books, food, friends, family and medieval history (maybe that’s just my friends). Also, I really love tea.