If we met for tea | Vol. 7

It’s the second Monday of the month and I’m joining with Erin and the ladies for our online tea/coffee date. Keep reading to find out what’s been happening in my life over this last month.




If we met for tea I might be a little tired. I’m currently in the middle of a two week teaching block and later this month I’ll be starting a teaching block that goes for six weeks. That’s a lot more full time work than I’m used to! It’s amazing provision, especially when I think that earlier this year I was worried that I wasn’t getting enough work. The class I have at the moment is lovely – Kindergarten and Year 1 – they’re very high energy sometimes but they’re sweet. I’m looking forward to my longer block as well. Still, I can’t help but feel a little daunted when I think of how much work this will actually involve. I suppose it’s just about trusting in God, that he who provided all this work will also provide me with the strength and energy to get through it all.

If we met for tea I’d be very excited to tell you about my new dining table! Our previous one was a cheap second hand table I picked up for a bargain when I first moved out of home. It was always a bit unsturdy but recently it was getting worse, to the point where it shook from side to side anytime someone sat down. A little embarrassing for inviting people over, actually! But our new table is sturdy and looks very welcoming.

As we’ve started at our new church, it seems as if we’ve got a fresh start for showing hospitality. And my new table makes me feel so much better about inviting people over. We’ve already invited the pastor and his wife for dinner, and we’re hoping to invite some more people over in the near future. It sounds a bit silly to say that this new table has changed our life, but in a small way it has.

If we met for tea I’d ask you about how things are going at church. Are you going through any particular topic or book of the Bible? What are you learning? What are you being challenged on or comforted about? We’re doing Genesis 1-11 at the moment, so looking at the foundational truths about creation, humanity, sin and grace. All the sermons in this series have just been reminding me afresh about how great God is, how it was all him at the beginning and how even now creation is sustained by his word. Daniel and I have also joined a Bible study at our new church, where we discuss last week’s sermon on a more personal level (and share some good food together).

If we met for tea I think we’d sit outdoors. It’s only mid-August but the weather has well and truly shifted over into spring. I’ll be honest, I’m a bit disappointed that winter lasted barely two months this year. I like the cold weather, I like chilly mornings and I like dressing up in winter clothes. But the gentle sunshine we’ve been having recently is lovely as well. It’s just arrived a little early! Now, if the really hot weather could hold off for a while, I’ll be happy.

What would you say if we met for tea?


  1. Bella! This all sounds so dreamy. What a fun age to teach — maybe my favorite! They’re so sweet, but I totally hear you on feeling tired. Being a full-time nanny to TWO is pretty tiring some days. If you haven’t heard it lately, can I just say THANK YOU for everything that you do? Teachers are my heroes.

    We seriously need a new dining room set. Our table came from an estate sale years ago, and while it is really pretty, it is also really close to falling apart. I love that you’re using your table to cultivate community. I know the people in your circle are so blessed by that!

    Sadly, we haven’t been to church in a little while. My husband has had to work for the past few Sundays, and I just don’t like going without him. I’ve been listening to sermons online though, and my favorite one recently has been about being rooted and grounded in the Holy Spirit.



    • Wow, you must be busy too! Being a fulltime nanny would have its own set of challenges but I’m sure there’d be lots of fun moments as well.

      I hope you and your hubby can get back to church soon. Nothing quite beats meeting up with other Christians at church, but it’s really great that so many sermons are online though and you’re being fed that way

      And if you weren’t on the other side of the world, I’d invite you over to try out the new dining table too!


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