3 ways to sing truth



Are you someone who loves to sing loud during the music time in church? Or do you stand there awkwardly, hoping no-one hears your singing? Whatever your musical abilities or preferences, the Bible’s pretty clear that singing praise to God is something we’re meant to do.


Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ephesians 5:19-20


For me personally, I love singing worship songs. Not cause I have a great voice, but because it helps me to connect with God in a way that mere speaking cannot. Singing leads me into a place of deep worship and helps me to quiet my soul in his presence.


Singing Christian songs is also important for another reason. When we sing at church, we’re declaring to ourselves and to eachother vital, foundational truths about God. Worship songs remind me of divine truth in a way that touches both my heart and my mind.  What truth am I talking about? It seems as if most of the songs we sing at church fall into three main groups – each declaring a different aspect of the Christian message:


God’s character

Our God is great and majestic and holy. The full realisation of this is beyond our comprehension. Yet, the more we understand his character, the more we’re led to worship. These songs focus on God, on his attributes, on his infinite worth. We declare the truth of his holiness, his faithfulness, his love. We are reminded of a God that lives in inexpressible glory and are humbled as we stand before him.


The classics: quote-2093509_960_720

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Holy, Holy, Holy


New songs:

How Great is our God

10,000 Reasons


The Gospel message

Here we come to the very heart of the Christian faith. The gospel message – that Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment for our sins, and to bring eternal life for all who believe. This is a sacred, sacred truth, the ultimate expression of God’s holiness and love. When we sing our praises for what God has done through Jesus, we not only encourage eachother but we glorify God in the highest place. What a privilege this is!


The classics:  organ-626289_960_720

And Can it Be

Rock of Ages


New songs:

At the Cross

Man of Sorrows


The Christian life

We’ve focused so far mostly on God. This final group is more about us and how we live in response to all God’s done for us. It’s about dedicating our lives to God, day after day, and praying that he will give us the strength to live for him. These songs encourage us to stand firm in the Christian life, through both the sorrows and the joys.


The classics:   song-books-590758_960_720

Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah

It is Well With My Soul


New songs:

Power of your Love

What Grace is Mine



I’m sure there are many songs that fit into all three groups, or maybe focus on something different altogether. But I’ve noticed most of the songs I sing at church lean towards one of these three. All are very important and they all connect together, one leading on from another.


We start with God’s character – love, power, holiness. And because of God’s character, he chooses to save us through Jesus. And because we’ve been saved through Jesus, we can now live our lives for him. Truth building upon truth. Grace upon grace. I just think it’s so wonderful!


Next time you’re worshipping in church, really take a look at the words you’re singing. What group does the song fit into? What truth are you declaring? Let those words of truth sink deep within your being and lift them up into the heavenly realms for God’s glory.


3 Ways to sing truth







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