Podcast Ep. 001 | What is the gospel?

The gospel is vital for us as Christians! In this episode, we look at what the gospel message is and why it is so important for the Christian life.

The 5 points of the gospel:

1. God created us to live for him and in relationship with him.

2. We disobeyed God and came under his judgement.

3. Jesus died on the cross to take the judgement we deserved.

4. If we trust in Jesus, God forgives our sin and gives us eternal life.

5. We now live with Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

Additional resources:

A Six-Point Summary of the Gospel, John Piper (Desiring God)

A Summary of the Gospel, Jeremiah Burroughs (Ligonier)

4 Spiritual Laws, Bill Bright

2 Ways to Live, Matthias Media

Listen to the podcast episode here

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