Blogs I like

Shared here is a list of blogs that I find encouraging. Most of them are Christian, but even the ones that aren’t have their own wisdom and joy.

I’ve put them into categories for practical reasons (gives a bit of structure to a big long list). But these blogs are so much more than my little categories.

I hope you find something here to nourish your heart and mind.


Encouragement & Theology

The Accidental Nomad Life

Adventurous Shelby bouquet

Ann Voskamp

Cassidy’s Heart

Desiring God

Erin Salmon Writes

Espresso Theology

Faith, Hope, Love & Wine

Finding His Grace

The Gospel Coalition

Servant Mama

Set My Heart on You


Lifestyle & Relationships

All that Motivates

B in the Great Funkk                    rose bouquet

Book Review Mama

Embracing a Simpler Life

Fabulous in Fayette

Grace Notes

Hot, Holy & Humorous

Newsom Natural Living

The Pink Protagonist

Surviving Toddlerhood

To Love, Honour & Vacuum