Currently | September 2021

We’re coming into a new season and it’s time for another Currently update. Please join Anne at In Residence and some other lovely blogging ladies as we share what we’ve been beginning, ending, loving, picking and posting.

beginning | a new family schedule. My husband’s work roster changed quite dramatically a few weeks ago. Basically, one week he does five 12 hour shifts and has two days off. Then, the next week he does two shifts and has five days off. The five long days are a pain to get through, but all that time off afterwards definitely makes up for it! It’s been lovely to spend time together, even if we can’t really go anywhere!

ending | winter. We’ve just come to the official end of winter now. Although, in reality, it feels like August in Sydney is early spring. It’s already been gently warm for a few weeks now. I’m a winter person and thoroughly enjoyed the cold weather while it was here.

loving | life. Yes, even in a lockdown. There are still hard moments but generally I feel good about things. I’ve created some gentle rhythms and things to look forward to that make lockdown life a little bit easier. Plus, early spring weather is still delightful!

picking | birthday presents for Sebastian. I can hardly believe that Sebastian is going to be one in two weeks time! It almost doesn’t matter what we give him, cause he’s happy playing with any random object that he finds. But I think he’ll enjoy these sensory toys.

posting | for the Women Living Redeemed conference. This is the conference I’m speaking for and it starts this month! So now is the time for lots of posts on Instagram and the blog, getting the word out there. If you’d like to buy a ticket, simply follow this link. I’m so excited and I’d love for you to join us!

What have you been up to Currently?


  1. Oh I bet those 5 longs days are a killer but how wonderful for it to be followed by so much time off. August here means summer is winding down as cooler weather moves in by the end of Sept/ beginning of October. I don’t mind cool fall temps but the super cold winter ones can hold off as long as they’d like.


  2. Enjoy those family days together…but, goodness, that is quite a schedule. I remember the days of shiftwork – but never quite a shift like that!:) Praying your conference is abundantly blessed!


  3. Oh those long days must be tough. But good thing there is a balance with the following one. I can not believe Sebastian is turning one already. Crazy. Also, what kind of flower/tree is that picture? I have never seen an evergreen with flowers like that. Very interesting


  4. I’ll be thinking of you during those five long days, especially during a lock down. That’s hard. But all the time the next week must be GLORIOUS!


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