Women Living Redeemed coming soon

Do you want to gather online with other Christian women? Would you like to grow in your knowledge of God and how his redemption shapes all aspects of life?

If so, you don’t want to miss the Women Living Redeemed Conference! 15th-21st September, exclusively on Facebook.

I’m so honoured to be speaking alongside some amazing Christian women. Simply follow this link to register your ticket today!

I’m happy to share with you the lineup of speakers, which include:

Amber Durgan – Releasing the Idol of Brokenness

Rebekah Harrgraves – Bible Study 101

Brittany Pennel – Finances in Marriage

Chesley DeMatteis – Living a Christ Centred Life

Bella Easterbrook (that’s me!) – Old Testament Promises Fulfilled

Heather Lobe Johnson – How Forgiveness Sets us Free

Sarah Hardee – Parenting

Lisa Hensley – What it Means to Bear the Image of God

Rebekah Thompson – Prenatal & Birth

Andrea Stafford – Health & Natural Living

Lahni Jones – Sacramental Living

Jennifer Estes – Joy in Suffering

Katherine Newsom – On Post-Partum

Stephanie Miller – Ways to Remain Effective for the Kingdom

It’s going to be such an amazing conference and I hope you join us!

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