Currently | August 2021

admiring | all the people doing the right thing. Sydney has been in lockdown for over a month and we’ve got at least another month to go. I know everyone is finding it challenging, especially with no end in sight but I do admire everyone who’s doing the right thing by staying at home and not going to protests.

anticipating | the Women Living Redeemed conference. I’m so excited to be speaking at this conference in September! I’m going to be talking about Old Testament promises and how Jesus fulfils them. And there’ll be a whole lot of other amazing women talking about all aspects of the Christian life!

enjoying | watching the Olympics. It’s been a nice distraction during lockdown. My favourite sports to watch are swimming, gymnastics, diving and athletics. What are your favourites?

spending | time on Zoom. We’re back to that stage where everything is a Zoom meeting. In fact, with church, playgroup, Bible study and family catchups, I have a scheduled meeting almost every day of the week. It’s really not the same as meeting in person but it’s better than nothing.

saving | money on groceries. Recently I’ve been trying out a more plant based diet and have been eating much less meat. The proper term for what I’m doing is flexitarian – generally vegetarian but with the freedom to eat meat once in a while. And buying beans and lentils instead of meat has led to huge savings on the weekly grocery bill!

What have you been up to Currently?


  1. Sorry to hear you are dealing with a long lockdown, but it’s always nice to see when people are doing the right thing and staying in. I’m definitely admiring people near where I live that are actually getting vaccinated when they can, etc.



  2. The lockdown does sound difficult indeed – especially after the fatigue of the last year+ – but I agree it is nice to see when people can consider everyone and do the right thing. Hang in there! Olympics are definitely a great distraction; my 7-year-old son has been so excited about watching any and all new sports, so we’ve had the TV on a lot. My favorites are still gymnastics and diving, but his enthusiasm for skateboarding and rock climbing has me more interested in watching new things too 🙂


    • I saw a bit of the rock climbing yesterday too. That’s one fun thing about the Olympics – you get to watch sports you’d never see otherwise!


  3. Will the women’s conference be live-streamed? I am assuming so…with the lockdown, etc:) Do you need a ticket or to pay admission to join/watch?


    • Yes, it’s all going to be available to watch online. I’ll share on the blog when tickets are available (it’s $12 for the whole conference). I’d love for you to join us!


  4. So sorry to hear you are back in lockdown. But I totally get that you are grateful for all the people staying put. I also watch the olympics and I love everything about it. But I think my most favorite to watch is track & files, volleyball and gymnastics. Oh and I also started a more plant based diet. Well actually I am finding my way back to it as I used to be a vegetarian for 8 years. How do you like it so far besides saving money?


  5. Hopefully the lockdown will lead to a more speedy resolution to the pandemic for your country. The Olympics feel like such a positive moment during this stressful time.


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