Stop Calling Me Beautiful by Phylicia Masonheimer

Do you ever feel dissatisfied with shallow inspirational quotes? Do you long to go deeper in your relationship with God? If so, Stop Calling Me Beautiful might be for you.

This book serves as an antidote to the fluffy light-on-theology messages that are so prevalent in women’s ministry. It encourages women to go beyond superficial teaching to develop a deep understanding of God and the gospel.

The key is to cultivate what Phylicia refers to as ‘holy curiosity’. A strong, passionate desire to know God and learn more about him. I absolutely love this phrase!

A solid foundation in the truth has practical outworkings for all aspects of life. In this book, Phylicia outlines a number of these:


  • freedom from legalism
  • anxiety
  • grief and suffering
  • redeeming our sexuality

Just to name a few! In each chapter, we see how  knowing who God is and the truth of the gospel empowers us to live a life of victory. Victory over sin, over shame, over anxiety and fear. This doesn’t come from us feeling better about ourselves. It doesn’t come from gritting our teeth and trying harder. It comes from fixing our eyes on God and walking in his grace.

‘The deeper we go with God, the more fruit we will bear.’

One chapter that specifically stood out for me was the one on battling anxiety and overwhelm. Often when we feel anxious or overwhelmed, we try to control things around us. We devise new schedules and habits, or we retreat into what is familiar. Yet, Phylicia reminds us that the secret to overcoming (without negating the need for professional help in some cases) is choosing to trust God. It’s about remembering who God is. Rehearsing his faithfulness shown in the Word. Bringing our worries to the throne of grace again and again.

‘Every weapon we use against anxiety must start with who he is.’

A deep understanding of God and the gospel go hand in hand with a life of freedom! 

A whole book could be written on each topic covered, and it only whet my appetite for more. I find the chapters stand largely in isolation, with little connection between them. Yet, as a whole they provide a well-rounded look at the Christian life. If you want to be go deeper in your knowledge and love of God, I whole-heartedly recommend reading Stop Calling Me Beautiful.

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