Currently | July 2021

It’s time again for another Currently update! Please join me as I share what I’ve been up to this month – and then head over to In Residence to visit the other lovely blogging ladies!

eating | all the holiday food. During our trip to the Southern Highlands, we ate out at a few different places and sampled some pretty good food. The highlight was a pizza at BD’s Woodfired Pizza and Pasta – olives, anchovies and bell peppers cooked to perfection!

feeling | thankful we went on holiday when we did. We ended up getting away for a few nights. It was nice to live at a slower pace and be surrounded by picturesque scenery. And Gabriel loved all the playgrounds! It’s a good thing we didn’t leave it much later, as I’ll explain in my next prompt.

going | nowhere. Sydney is currently in lockdown again! After getting to the point where things were basically back to normal, a new strain of the virus has hit and started spreading. So, we’re back to those early days of online church and no leaving the house unless absolutely necessary. Hopefully this wave gets under control soon and we can start to open up again.

ordering | Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund. I’d heard good things about this book and when they recommended it at a women’s conference I went to, I decided to read it. It’s a beautiful book so far, lovely to read through slowly and reflect on Christ’s gentle and merciful heart for us.

realising | Sebastian will be turning 1 in just over two months. It feels like things have gone quicker second time around. All of a sudden, I have a older baby who’s eating solids, nearly crawling and standing up with support!

What have you been up to Currently?


  1. I’m so sorry you’re in lockdown again 😦 We are just getting out of two months of lockdown, two weeks of limbo, and a few weeks of slowly opening up and it’s such a nice place to be but I feel your lockdown pain. I’m glad you got to get away before the lockdown hit.


  2. I’m sorry that you are in lockdown again. We went into a stricter level lockdown recently. We know of a few people (over 60) who have gotten the vaccine so we are just waiting our turn. I’m glad you could have a holiday and enjoy a relaxing time before the lockdown.


  3. Ack, another lockdown! So nice to hear you were able to enjoy a change of scenery (and yummy meals!) first though. Hang in there.


  4. Not another lockdown!?! And, yes, glad you were able to get away! So nice to make those memories..when time is going so quickly. I really cannot believe you said the baby is almost one! Seems you were just giving updates during your pregnancy! Thanks for the book recommendations – sounds like one I would enjoy!


  5. So glad you had the chance for a quick get-away before lockdown hit again. I am a bit anxious because we are opening up everything in Germany but the new virus version is already crawling around Europe and all those people will bring it back from vacation… We’ll see.


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