Why Over the Teacups

Why Over the Teacups?

Why did I choose this phrase for my blog? I wanted to capture that sense of sitting down with a friend and sharing a pot of tea together. That sacred space where you can connect and talk about things that are on your heart, things that matter.

And for me, what would I want to talk about if we sat down for tea? I’m sure it would always come back to God and his Word. God is my Saviour and my Lord and my whole life exists to bring him glory. And I have a growing love for his Word, the Bible. In its pages we actually have the words of God spoken to us – a love story of a faithful God making a way for his unfaithful people to be with him. Through the Bible, we learn so much of God’s character and his gospel message and how we live in response to him.

It’s my heart for this online space to be a ministry for God’s Word. Helping people to know the Bible – how to read it and understand it, looking at theology, doctrine and the whole story of Scripture. Encouraging people to love the Bible – to see how it reveals God’s heart for us and equips us to live our lives for his glory. And, of course, sharing my own reflections as I read through the Bible for myself. Let’s encourage each other in the Word!

Conversations over a cup of tea (or coffee) are powerful for connection and growth. My prayer is that my posts here would be just as if I was sitting down talking to you, over the teacups.


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