7 months bumpdate



Baby is the size of: a cabbage



Aches and pains: Rolling over in bed is harder now. I went on a 15 minute walk and got round ligament pain. My toes are swollen and sore at night, and going up and down the stairs is a challenge. All the usual things that go with the third trimester, but nothing too intense.


Fatigue: The second trimester energy is definitely gone now. An afternoon nap would be lovely, but it’s often an impossible luxury as my 20 month old son has decided he doesn’t need to sleep in the afternoon!


Reflux: I got this quite bad in the third trimester of last pregnancy. It’s not too strong yet, but I have reached for Mylanta after more than one meal. Hopefully, it’s not as bad as last time.


Baby brain: Oh, this one is just embarrassing! Baby brain hits pretty hard some days, resulting in some funny stories. Like the day I had a playgroup catch-up at the park (the first one post-Covid), but I forgot that Daniel usually takes the car with the car seat to work on that day so I was basically stuck at home. I almost put Vegemite in the freezer the other day too!


Movement: I’m starting to sense a pattern now. Tiny baby usually kicks at around 4am (sometimes I’m awake in bed, but sometimes I sleep through it), and a bit later in the morning too. Then there’s another session in the afternoon and just as I’m going to bed. I’m not sure if he kicks as much as Gabriel did in the womb, but I think Gabriel was particularly active!


Highlights: Is it strange that my glucose test was one of my highlights? Not the sugary drink or the blood tests, of course. But being able to sit down and read for two hours was a rare luxury that I savoured. And the results were fine in the end, anyway.


Looking forward to: Not sure what I can actually say for this now. I’m just looking forward to meeting my baby – but not yet!


14 thoughts on “7 months bumpdate

  1. 7 months already – not long to go now! Yay for the glucose test and I had to laugh about the vegemite in the freezer, I do things like that all the time and I can’t even use the excuse of baby brain!


  2. I’m getting excited for you. I breezed through my pregnancies but never actually enjoyed being pregnant. It was a means to an end. I love babies.


  3. A 20 month old giving up day time sleeps…nooooo. You look wonderful but the ins and outs of pregnancy body-wise can be very trying. All the best for the months ahead…and yay for good news on GTT.

    Thank you so much for linking up. We are more half way through the year now. Next week it’s time for: 27/51 Taking Stock #3 6.7.2020 so I look forward to seeing you then, on or off prompt. Denyse.


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