Our Lithuanian cuisine night




Over the last few years, we’ve celebrated Eurovision by doing a cuisine night based on the winning country (or the nearest one we haven’t done). In 2017, it was Portugal, 2018 was Israel and 2019 was Italy. We’d been so excited about Eurovision this year until we received the sad news that it was cancelled. It makes sense, with COVID so prevalent everywhere, but disappointing none the less. Still, all the songs for this year had been released – so we decided to have our own contest! We listened to all the songs and each gave them a score out of 20. In our humble opinions, the winner was Iceland. Italy was 2nd and next (the first country we hadn’t done) was Lithuania!



Kugelis with vegetable salad




A potato based entree always goes down well. For this one, we grated lots of potato and mixed it with bacon and onions, and then topped our potato bake with spoonfuls of sour cream. The salad on the side was creamy and rich: beetroot, carrot and pickles drenched in (yet again) sour cream.



Pork stuffed with prunes and bacon




This was our second pork main in a row, but completely different to our Filipino adobo. Roast pork and veggies is nice enough, but the addition of prunes and bacon really lifted it to something special.







This dessert is translated as ‘lazy cake’. I suppose because you just mix all the ingredients together and put them in the fridge for a few hours. We added hazelnuts, cranberries, apricots, digestive biscuits and a whole lot of cocoa powder and it was amazing! This is one recipe I think I’ll make again.





For our next cuisine night, we’re heading to North Africa. I’m already so excited for the dishes we’re going to make!


  1. So much fun. That entree sounds amazing and who doesn’t like a fridge cake. I love your cuisine nights & look forward to the next one.


  2. This is such a fun post. I love Eurovision too. Your food photos are gorgeous especially the entree #MLSTL Sharing


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