Cuisine Night

Our El Salvadorean cuisine night

Winter is well and truly over and we’ve launched into our warm weather cuisine nights. In the past, we’ve done a few cuisines from South America and the Caribbean. But the mainland of Central America we somehow missed. That is, until we tried the cuisine of El Salvador!



Cheese pupusas

These were meant to be made with a special type of corn flour. Initially we tried to replace it with polenta, which did not work at all. We ended up using wheat flour instead. The pupusas were served with a pickled coleslaw and a zesty tomato salsa.



Pollo encebollado

This was another zesty dish, flavoured with lime, paprika and coriander. I love anything with paprika in it, and this was no exception. Some of our chicken was just starting to get tough. When the flavour was this good, though, I’m willing to overlook that!





We had a lot of fun pronouncing this one! We fried them in olive oil until they were nice and crispy, and served them with a brown sugar sauce spiced with cinnamon and cloves. The sauce was very sweet but delicious in small portions. I wasn’t sure how these ones would turn out but I’m so happy they did!


As the weather warms up, our next cuisine night takes us to Asia and has a slight connection to my family.

8 thoughts on “Our El Salvadorean cuisine night

  1. Reading these posts always makes me want to try new recipes! The main dish looks SO delicious – I love the lime in there. I’ve always been keen to try new dishes – now I must just make the time to cook more.


  2. El Salvador! Half the fun would be in the pronunciation…but that pollo looks (and sounds) lovely. Our theme this week was Chinese – quite pedestrian in comparison… Have a great week…


  3. Lovely post which I see resonated with the bloggers above! Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next wee’s optional prompt is: 43/51 Your Favourite Book As a Child 28/10/19 BUT I am not following it. I am introducing my Daily Gratitude Instagram Challenge running for the 30 days of November, ending on the last day which is my 70th B’day !! Do add your blog link whichever prompt you choose…even no prompt! Denyse.


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