Bible and Tea | June 2019

Welcome to another Bible and Tea! Today I’m sharing what I’ve been reading in the Bible, both at home and at church. How has God been speaking to me? What have I been learning. I invite you to share your own reflections in the linkup at the end of the post. Let’s encourage each other in the Word!



At home: 2 Chronicles

The story of Israel’s kings really highlights God’s faithfulness. Take the story of Hezekiah. He turned back to God in joyful repentance  because he had faith in God’s grace and mercy. In the face of the Assyrian king declaring war on Judah and trying to intimidate them, Hezekiah kept his eyes fixed on God and the Assyrian camp was destroyed. It’s a reminder not to be intimidated by those hard things I need to do – parenting, driving and the like – but to keep looking to God for strength and provision.


Josiah was another shining example who turned his people back to God. Even though God was angry at Judah for following false gods, he delayed their judgement until after Josiah’s lifetime for his sake. This also reminds me of the kingdom of Judah itself enduring for David’s sake, even when it was filled with sinful people. God is merciful and patient and faithful to his promises. Josiah reintroduced the Passover, remembering how God had delivered them from slavery. Revival involves remembering what God has done in the past – and for me, the greatest thing to remember is Jesus dying for my sins on the cross.


At church: Exodus

Oh, this sermon series has been almost embarrassingly relevant! Just thinking about how God delivered the Israelites from slavery and how he led them in the wilderness. Even though the Israelites had seen God deliver them through the Red Sea, they still grumbled and wanted to go back to Egypt. How often do I grumble about silly things! I believe the lie that life is meant to be easy and safe, and then get a rude shock when it isn’t.  Life is sometimes hard but God is enough in all those situations. God is always doing something and I need to trust him, even when I can’t see the big picture.


The Exodus story reminds me just how dependent we are on God’s grace. God describes himself as carrying the Israelites on eagle’s wings – that means him doing all the work and the Israelites doing nothing. And so it is with my salvation too. It’s always God’s grace that comes first. He sent Jesus to forgive my sins on the cross and he gave me his Spirit to live within me. Now, my obedience needs to come as a response to this amazing grace.


What have you been reading in the Bible lately?


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  1. Thanks for sharing what you are learning from God’s Word. I used to think the children of Israel had some major problems forgetting what God had done and seeking after other idols. Then I realized I also wandered and forgot God’s works in my life if I’m not intentional to remember and to stay near to the Father.


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