Cuisine Night

Our Syrian cuisine night


For our cuisine nights, we like to keep things fairly balanced between different regions. When we realised we hadn’t done a Middle Eastern cuisine for nearly a year, we decided to fix that by doing a Syrian cuisine night!



Baba ganoush and muhumarra

For entree we made a little meze plate with two dips – capsicum & walnut and eggplant – and some pita bread. One dip was smooth and creamy while one was actually a bit crunchy, so we had some nice variety on the plate.



Kibbeh bil sanieh with fattoush salad




I had to include two pictures because both elements of the meal were so strong and they complemented each other beautifully. The kibbeh was gently spiced while the fattoush was so fresh and zesty, I just wanted to keep having more. Definitely my favourite dish of the night.





It’s always fun when the Knafeh food truck is in our area, so we thought we’d give it a go ourselves. Traditionally it’s not made with mozzarella, but it makes a good substitute (as do cornflakes instead of shredded phyllo!). The syrup was very sweet but the cheese itself was almost savoury, so it balanced well.

Middle Eastern food is a delicious combination of textures and flavours, and Syrian food was a great example!

5 thoughts on “Our Syrian cuisine night

  1. I love experimenting with different cuisines – and the spices of middle-eastern foods. We have a bowl with a heap of cuisines in it & every week pick one out of it. It makes for a fun & creative meal.


  2. Oh yum! I love eating Middle Eastern food although I don’t think I’ve ever cooked it. That salad looks amazing and the baba ganoush also gets my vote! Nom nom!


  3. Well-done you as you continue with your food from different nations’ exploration.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week’s optional prompt is Easter Means This. 16/51 #LifeThisWeek. 41/2019. Hope to see you there!


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