40 weeks bumpdate

I’ve finally made it to 40 weeks! Baby will be arriving any day now!




Baby is the size of: a watermelon. The crazy thing, though, is the baby is the size of an actual baby. Inside my womb is a whole baby!



Braxton Hicks: These have been getting pretty intense now. Some nights I’ve woken up wondering if I’m going into labour. But then it only happens once or twice, which means there’s nothing to worry about yet.


Lightning crotch: Okay, this one has a funny name! Because baby’s head is pushing on nerves down near the cervix, I get sharp pains in that area.


Worries: I’ve been worried about all kinds of things recently. How are we going to teach our baby healthy eating habits? What if we’ve picked the wrong name? What if baby likes Daniel more than me? Silly things, I know, but I’m a worrying mother!


Nesting: I was wondering if I’d start nesting at all, because I was still so tired. A few days after 39 weeks, the nesting kicked in. Nothing extreme, though – I just felt the urge to move all our baby stuff (nappies, baby lotion, etc.) into our room near the change table. And I’ve been a little more motivated to clean up in the kitchen. Much to Daniel’s relief, I’m sure!


Belly: Baby has dropped! They’ve engaged into the position needed for giving birth, so the shape of my belly looks a little different now. I’m carrying generally lower than I was. I’ve gained a few more stretchies, but still nothing too dramatic.


Movement: Lots of squirming and headbutts. Even though it gets a bit uncomfortable sometimes, it’s reassuring to know that baby’s healthy in there.


Highlights: Seeing how excited our family and friends are. We rang Daniel’s family to let them know about some other non-baby related news, but they thought we were telling them the baby had arrived. I’ve never heard them squeal like that before! Our baby is surrounded by so much love already. Also, Daniel and I had one last date night before baby arrives  – it was fun to get all dressed up and go to a nice restaurant.


Daniel’s response: He’s started worrying again about me going into labour while he’s at work. He’s got a new job which is closer to home, but because it’s so new he’s not sure how much time he can take off once baby comes. He is very excited about the baby, though.


Looking forward to: Getting to know this little baby once they’re on the other side. It’s incredible to know that this human being is going to be part of our lives forever now. I can’t wait!


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