Writing Scripture (A gentle approach to Bible study)




I’m the sort of person who loves sitting down, opening up my Bible and notebook and spending time really getting into God’s Word. I love having that time set aside, even if it doesn’t happen every day.


But, being in my third trimester, I’m coming up against levels of exhaustion I’ve never felt before. And once baby comes, the exhaustion and sleep deprivation is only going to continue. I sat down one day, a few weeks ago, with all my notebooks and pens around me, and there was nothing. Even though my Bible was open, my mind could not make anything from it. I was so tired, I just could not focus.


My previous way of quiet times wasn’t working today. But that needn’t mean I close the Bible and give up for the day. Instead of writing out notes about my observations on the text and practical applications, I took my pen and simply wrote the words of the passage. It was Psalm 121 – not a very long chapter – so I had room to fit the whole thing on one page. I wrote slowly, allowing the act of writing to give me the focus I couldn’t find before.


Writing Scripture is a way that I can spend time in the Word when my mind is exhausted. I’ve been doing this most days now, just letting myself soak into the Bible, slowly and gently.





Scripture writing for me usually involves four steps:


1. Read the passage

Read it out loud if that helps you focus. Don’t stress too much if you can’t retain too much – but make note if there are any verses that particularly stand out for you.


2. Write the passage

Depending on how long your passage is, you could write the whole thing or just a few verses that really spoke to you. I have a special handwriting I use for Scripture writing but make it as simple or fancy as you want to. Take your time writing it out, and as you do, use this opportunity to reflect on the meaning of the words.


3. Read your words

Read the actual words you have written down. Do they have any deeper significance now you have thought upon them?


4. Reflect

What does this passage mean for you now? If you like, write a sentence or two about what God has said to you through these words.


The amazing thing about God’s word is that he speaks to us through it no matter where we are in life. No matter how much energy or focus we can manage, he always meets us. Are you exhausted or short of time? Why not try this gentle approach to reading the Bible?


Writing Scripture





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