Currently | October 2018

I’ve made it to another Currently update! Baby hasn’t arrived yet, but they’re due any day!




wearing | Summer dresses. The seasons are transitioning over to warmer weather, and being heavily pregnant I’m feeling the heat so much more. On top of that, all my maternity clothes were designed for winter. So, on those warm days I’ve been living in the few summer dresses that still fit me.


collecting | Baby clothes. We’ve been given baby clothes by so many people, it’s hard to find storage for all of them! But I’ve been told babies go through clothes so quickly, I’m thankful for the donations.


making | Foods from different cultures. Daniel and I have done cultural cuisine nights right from the start of our marriage (most of them are on this blog). I don’t know how much time we’ll have for that once baby arrives. So we’re making the most of now and aiming for one cuisine each week. Our most recent one was Venezuelan.


taking | Pregnancy photos. We had an official photography session in the botanic gardens and I’m so excited to see the finished product. We’ve also been taking a weekly photo and it’s amazing to see how things have changed over the months!





planning |The hospital bag. I procrastinated a lot with this one but it’s finally ready to go. Crazy to think how soon it could be now!


What have you been up to this last month?




2 thoughts on “Currently | October 2018

  1. Kind of fun to see your photo of daffodils while everyone in this hemisphere is posting fall leaves and pumpkins 🙂 And I read at some point in my pregnancy that eating foods from different cultures while your little one is in utero contributes to their eventual taste palate, so that cooking sounds like the perfect thing to be doing together in the final weeks before baby!


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