Cuisine Night

Our Venezuelan cuisine night

One of my favourite shows at the moment is Jane the Virgin. In the show, Jane’s family has Venezuelan heritage, so when Daniel and I finished watching it through we thought a Venezuelan cuisine night would be fun!


42510370_941845589348483_2771437036266061824_n (1)




Chicken and avocado arepas




In Jane the Virgin, arepas are listed among young Alba’s great loves (along with God and her husband). I too love God and my husband, so of course I had to try arepas! I think we made the bread too thick – I’m sure they’re not meant to look this much like burgers. But the chicken and avocado filling was beautiful and fresh, I had to really restrain myself from eating it all before the bread was ready.



Asado negro




This silverside beef was slow cooked in a combination of Worcestershire  sauce, beef stock and red wine, which made it deliciously rich and full of flavour. The leftovers made for some amazing sandwiches the day after too!




Papitas de leche






These were incredibly simple to make. Just mixing together condensed milk, milk powder and icing sugar and then letting them set. They were incredibly sweet and creamy, I could only eat one at a time!


We have another cuisine night planned for next week. But, as with everything now, it just depends on when baby decides to come!


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