38 weeks bumpdate



Baby is the size of: a winter melon



Dry scalp: I had no idea about this one. But this last week, I noticed some dry flakes on my scalp. So did Daniel, and he was wondering how to let me know tactfully. I think he was relieved when I suggested we should buy some Head & Shoulders!


Swollen feet: This pregnancy has literally affected me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes! My feet are getting very swollen at night now, which makes them rather sore to walk on.


Braxton Hicks: Still hanging around and gradually increasing in intensity and frequency. They’re a pretty solid reminder that the real thing will be here before too long.


Reflux: This is the symptom I’ll miss the least! I’m trying to eat small meals frequently, but it’s hard when I get so hungry.




Belly: I’ve got quite a few stretch marks now. I’ve been rubbing moisturising cream on my belly each day. I don’t know if that will really help the stretch marks or not, but it feels nice and relaxing anyway.


Movement: There’s not much room for baby any more. I’m feeling every movement, including a lot of general squirming and the occasional hiccups. And I do still get those lovely kicks, punches and headbutts.


Highlights: Going to our parenting class. The first few weeks were pretty scary, learning about the stages of birth and things that could go wrong. But this week we looked at how to care for baby once they’re born – breastfeeding, nappy changing, baths. We actually got to go up to the maternity ward and see a baby born just a few days ago having a bath. He was such a well behaved baby so we might have unrealistic expectations now!


Daniel’s response: He’s getting impatient and wants to meet our baby. He shared a photo of me on Facebook with a lovely caption of how I’m a wonderful mother already and how thankful he is for our little one. I have a good husband!





Looking forward to: My family meeting the baby for the first time. My parents live on the central coast, so they’re going to come down when I’m in labour. It will be so lovely to see them holding their first grandchild. And, of course, Daniel’s parents and his brother and sister. I’m sure baby is going to get lots of cuddles!


Will there be a 40 weeks bumpdate? Only time will tell!


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