Cuisine Night

Our Indonesian cuisine night

I know it’s only been a week since the last cuisine night, but we’re making the most of our time before baby arrives. The aim is to do one each week until the birth, but we’ll see how those plans go! This time we’re exploring the cuisine of Indonesia.













Mie goreng




I love noodle dishes but for some reason I don’t eat them that much. These noodles were simple to prepare and anything with sweet soy sauce is a good thing. I could have eaten several bowls of this.




Beef satay with gado gado



Oh goodness, these satay sticks were amazing (the credit goes to Daniel)! The sauce was rich and peanuty with just enough spicy warmth. The beef was tender and juicy while still being cooked enough for this pregnant lady.



Es cendol




I don’t know if we read the recipe wrong or just used the wrong recipe, but something wasn’t quite right here. The coconut milk, sugar syrup and tropical fruit were beautiful. The noodles at the bottom of the glass were not pleasant at all – all grainy and floury. I looked it up afterwards and found out they were meant to be more of a jelly consistency, which sounds delicious. I might have to try making this one again.


Stay tuned for another cuisine night next week. Or maybe a baby announcement instead!



6 thoughts on “Our Indonesian cuisine night

  1. I was wondering if you’d be able to squeeze another cuisine night in before the baby arrived. I’m not really a fan of those tropical drinks but I could totally get on board with those starters and mains. We had traditional Indonesian food in Holland and it was SO spicy – I’m hoping yours was mild enough not to induce labour 🙂


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