Cuisine Night

Our Norwegian cuisine night

Winter is sadly coming to an end already, so we only have a few more chances to do wintery cuisines this year. I have the tiniest piece of Norwegian ancestry and a friend of mine recently found out she’s part Norwegian too. Therefore, the food of Norway seemed like a perfect way to enjoy the cold weather while it lasts.





Potato dumplings 




These were made so much easier with our new food processor. Grating all those potatoes by hand would have been such a pain! The dumplings didn’t taste like much by themselves, but smothered in butter, bacon and parsley…delicious!



Fårikål with lazy man’s bread




I absolutely love slow cooking this winter. This was slow cooked lamb, cabbage and potatoes with a surprising amount of flavour. Daniel said he couldn’t fault this dish at all! The lazy man’s bread is named that because it doesn’t require any kneading or rising time – it’s cooked more like a cake but tastes like bread. Great for soaking up the juices of the stew.







This was more technical than I expected. The cake and the meringue were easy enough, we’d done those things before. The filling was the tricky bit – home-made custard mixed with whipped cream. I was exhausted by that time (I am 7 months pregnant, after all) so Daniel attempted the filling. He ended up with a really impressive custard which just didn’t translate when we mixed in the cream. But as a custard filled cake, this was my dish of the weekend!


We’re going to do one more wintery cuisine night before Spring. After that, hopefully we can squeeze in a few more warm weather cuisines before baby comes along!

5 thoughts on “Our Norwegian cuisine night

  1. I’ve been watching a lot of Scandi-drama and obsessed with all things Scandinavian right now. That lamb with the lazy bread looks amaze – can you direct me to the recipe? Nom!


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