26 weeks bumpdate



Baby is the size of: a kale (Really? I suppose this week I have a little hipster baby!)



Stretching: I’ve been feeling my abdomen stretching more lately as it grows bigger. It happens especially after I’ve eaten a large meal. I haven’t noticed any stretch marks (apart from the ones I already have) so let’s hope it stays that way.


Mood swings: Oh dear! Daniel does very well putting up with my mood swings. Sometimes I am giggly for no apparent reason and then it swings over to feeling upset and teary. And I have also been getting more annoyed and feisty than usual.


Fatigue: The second trimester energy is definitely on its way out. My fatigue is getting back to first trimester levels, when I’m wanting to sleep a few times a day. I’ve got a very busy weekend coming up and after that I can rest for a little while.



I’m starting to look heavily pregnant. I enjoy doing a Google search for however many weeks pregnant I am and comparing my belly. It’s amazing how much variation there is – I seem to be about average.



I’m getting lots of little kicks! I’m noticing a pattern, they’re usually kicking at around 5 or 6 in the morning, then around lunch time and in the early evening. The best way to describe it is like when you’ve been really active and you can actually feel your heartbeat.



We spent a weekend at my parents’ place. That was lovely to take some time out of our crazy busy schedules at the moment and rest for a few days.


Daniel’s response: 

He’s been enjoying watching my belly gradually grow. And, a few days ago, he felt the baby kick for the first time! We were lying in bed with his hands on my belly and it just happened!


Looking forward to:

Setting up the nursery in our new place. I am so thankful we actually have a place now to settle and prepare for baby.




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