Currently | July 2018

I’m joining with Anne at In Residence for my currently update for July. We’ve had a lot of big changes and some exciting events coming up!




celebrating | Our new place! Last month I shared that we were looking for a new place to live when baby arrives. After a little bit of searching, we’ve found something! It’s not too far from church and we’re moving in this weekend.  This is going to be the place we raise our baby in. I’m so amazed at God’s provision!




visiting|My parents. They live on the central coast about 2 hours away (although with the traffic it was more like 3 hours!) Even though we could have used the weekend for packing, I hadn’t seen them in ages and I really wanted to take the time to visit them. They actually helped us talk through some things and I’m feeling a little more prepared for the move ahead.


baking | Butterfly cakes for my sister-in-law’s bridal tea, just the other week. It was so much fun making dainty little cakes to decorate a tiered cake stand. I wasn’t able to help out much with organising the hens night, and I’m much more in my element preparing for a bridal tea!


wearing | A bridesmaid dress for my sister-in-law’s wedding. It’s coming up this weekend and I’m so excited to see her get married. The dress is a soft dusty pink and long with an empire waist. It shapes my bump nicely without making it too obvious.


loving | The cold weather. I know it’s not an opinion shared by everyone, but I love getting all rugged up and going out into the brisk, cold air. And if there’s a bit of winter sun to stand in, that’s even better.



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