Cuisine Night

Our Scottish cuisine night



Before we got married, Daniel and I did a few cuisine nights. One of those was Scottish, but unfortunately that day was spoiled by me getting food poisoning. Thankfully, our cooking skills have improved since then and all three meals were food poisoning free! Readers of this blog might know I’m a fan of Outlander, so it was fun to put on some Scottish accents and listen to some epic Scottish music.







We initially chose this dish because it has such a fun name! This is a simple dish made up of mashed potato, cabbage and a whole lot of cheese. The perfect comfort food for a cold winter night.



Salmon with neeps and tatties




Salmon is one of my favourite foods, and when it’s cooked like this I’m actually allowed to eat it while pregnant. The salmon had very little seasoning, only a little lemon and thyme, allowing the beautiful flavour of the salmon to shine through. Neeps and tatties might be more well known to you as swedes and potatoes, which tasted lovely all mixed together.



Raspberry scones




These were my favourite out of the three. We managed to create a beautiful balance, crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. The raspberries added a tartness to compliment the cream poured on top. We ate them straight from the oven – the leftovers we ate later were still nice but nowhere near as delicious as when they were warm.


This is actually the last cuisine night that Daniel and I will do in our current place. We’re moving on the weekend to a place with a much bigger kitchen – so I’m very much looking forward to our next cuisine night!




10 thoughts on “Our Scottish cuisine night

  1. We were in Edinburgh last month and had some modern Scottish food but I do have haggis regret – I wish I had tried it but couldn’t quite bring myself to eat it at the time! Those scones look fantastic. Hope the move goes well – I’m dreaming of a big kitchen!


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