33 things about me (as I turn 33)




Today is my 33rd birthday. Just for fun, I’m sharing 33 things you may not know about me.


1.  My birthday is almost exactly 6 months away from Christmas – meaning my gifts are nicely spaced out throughout the year.

2. I love cold weather. It’s a shame the cold weather is so fleeting in Sydney.

3. I lived in Hobart, Tasmania for a few years when I was a little girl. I think that might be why I love cold weather.

4. When I was a teenager, I wanted a pet goat.

5. When I was a teenager, I actually had pet guinea pigs and I loved them.

6. Tea is my favourite beverage – among my very favourites include Earl Grey, Melbourne Breakfast and good, classic English Breakfast.

7. Both my parents are church ministers and I grew up going to church.

8. I became a genuine Christian when I was 16, at an Easter Sunday service.

9. My favourite colour is mint green.

10. I love reading long books, my favourites are historical novels with complex family trees that keep getting added to.

11. I can play a little bit of piano and guitar, but I haven’t really played for ages.

12. I’ve researched my family tree and can trace all my branches back to at least the early 1800s.

13. I’m descended from Edward III. They say most people of English heritage are, but it’s nice to know how it all connects up.

14. I studied a bachelor of theology a few years ago – I absolutely loved studying the Bible in depth.

15. Wearing floral sundresses is my favourite thing about summer.

16. I’ve written long lists of names I like. Most of them are too outlandish to be any help when naming an actual baby.

17. When I was in my early 20s, I went through a brief stage of wearing only black. I was really happy in that time, I just liked the look.

18. I’m obsessed with English history, especially all those medieval kings and queens.

19. I was in school choir from Year 8 to Year 11. We got to sing in some pretty special places, like the Opera House and St Mary’s Cathedral.

20. I think feet are disgusting. Very useful but disgusting.

21. My favourite show from childhood is the Simpsons. Although I quote it far more than I watch it now.

22. I can’t tell you just one favourite book of the Bible, cause I love so many of them – but on the top of the list would be Romans, John, Ephesians, Genesis and Esther.

23. Amongst my highschool friends, I was voted most likely to be bouncing a toddler on my knee by 25. I might be about 10 years late, but it’s happening soon!

24. I sometimes speak in an English accent without meaning to.

25. The church I got married in was on Teagardens Ave. That name combines two of my most favourite things.

26. I don’t play sport and the only sport I really watch is cricket.

27. I love doing crossword puzzles.

28. I have more books at home than I know what to do with.

29. My eyes are blue-green and change their dominant colour depending on what colour clothes I’m wearing.

30. My favourite food is Italian – there’s a restaurant nearby that makes an amazing beef ragu!

31. I hate running late to things.

32. I was an avid creative writer when I was young.

33. This coming year is going to be wildly different to anything I’ve known before – it’s scary but also very, very exciting!


Do you have anything in common with me?


5 thoughts on “33 things about me (as I turn 33)

  1. Happy Birthday! This year you’re getting a very special present! I used to have pet guinea pigs too and I also speak in an English accent but that’s cheating because I am English after all!


  2. I love earl grey tea too! And I am known to slip into UK accent or kiwi accent (have family and lived in both) from time to time. Especially after a few drinks 🤣 #belatedTeamIBOT xx Happy Birthday!!


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