Little Letters | June 2018

I’m joining with Kristin from Taz and Belly for a fun linkup where I write little letters to people, places and whatever else comes to mind.




Dear baby – it’s wonderful to feel you moving and know that you’re growing inside me. I’m so looking forward to meeting you face to face. Yet, my little baby, you need to stay in your womb for just a few months longer.


Dear winter – Thank you for actually turning up. After the record-breaking warm autumn, I wasn’t sure you’d even make an appearance. But right from the beginning of June, you’ve been here. And it’s been lovely.


Dear bridesmaid dress – I love how you shape my bump so gracefully. I’m looking forward to the day I get to wear you, most of all because my sister-in-law will be marrying the man she loves.


Dear church – One of our families have been touched by genuine hardship and it’s been so encouraging to see you rally around them, both in prayer and in practical support.


Dear new place – Who exactly are you? I wish I knew, and I wish we could move in as soon as possible. But I’m learning to trust God that we’ll find you in the right time.


Dear strawberry yoghurt and muesli – I don’t quite know why you’ve been so appealing lately, but thank you for always being there when the cravings hit. You’re so delicious!



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