24 weeks bumpdate



Baby is the size of: a rockmelon



Tiredness: I’m almost back to first trimester level tiredness. I taught an infants class one day and I was absolutely exhausted. Not so much in the sense of needing to sleep, but just not having the energy to run around after them.


Back pain: I’ve been feeling some little twinges in my lower back now. It seems like I’m getting a sneak preview of the third trimester.


Round ligament pain: It’s hard to roll over in bed or stand up without making sound effects now! I feel the stretching when I move quickly, nothing too intense but enough that being agile isn’t as easy as it once was.


Belly: It’s very noticeable now. I had a funny belly-related moment at school the other day. One of the boys was being a little silly in the playground so I told him he had to be gentle because I have a baby in my tummy. He then proceeded to ask all the other teachers if they had a baby in their tummy!


Movements: Baby’s kicking!! Just this last week, I’ve actually felt some kicks. They’re only little for the moment but I’m sure they’ll get stronger.


Highlights: Feeling those little kicks. They’re a lovely little reminder that baby is in there and is staying healthy.


Daniel’s response: He’s still trying to feel baby kick. I don’t think it will be too much longer now.


Looking forward to: being a preggy bridesmaid at my sister-in-law’s wedding in a few weeks time! Thankfully my dress is long and flowy and empire-waisted, so it works perfectly for my bump.




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