Our French cuisine nights



French is such a classic cuisine, it’s surprising we haven’t tried it already. This weekend was filled with simple, elegant ingredients cooked low and slow. It would have been nice to have a glass of red wine and some camembert or brie, but these are the sacrifices I make for my baby! We had one day in between the entree and main and the dessert – we visited some friends for dinner and they just happened to serve French macarons afterwards, keeping with the theme even when we weren’t cooking!



French onion soup




This was a lovely, light way to start our cuisine night – and so different to the French onion cup-a-soup that I’m used to. The onions were sliced thinly and caramelised for around 20 minutes and the soup even has chunks of cheese in it. The thyme you see there wasn’t just for garnish, it tasted really nice mixed in as well.



Beef bourguignon




With this one, I was able to get my red wine in while still looking after baby. The beef and veges were slow cooked in red wine for around 10 hours, so the alcohol was well and truly cooked out. This was my favourite dish of the three, a lovely rich flavour with tender meat and lots of slow cooked onion. Daniel also gets husband points for that silky smooth mashed potato.



French apple tart




I must give full disclosure here, we tried making the pastry for this but it didn’t turn out at all – so it was lucky we had some ready-made shortcrust pastry in the freezer! The pastry didn’t taste as nice as it could have, but the filling more than made up for it. The apple was stewed until it had the consistency of apple sauce, and mixed with a generous amount of vanilla extract. We listened to some French accordion music while eating this, so it was easy to imagine we were in a little French patisserie!


Another time, when I’m not pregnant, I’ll have to do a charcuterie platter with soft cheese and deli meats – and a good glass of wine. But for now, I thoroughly enjoyed our preggy-safe French cuisine night!


8 thoughts on “Our French cuisine nights

  1. Everything looks sooo good. All those dishes are culinary classics and it looks like you totally aced them!


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