Currently | June 2018

I’m joining today with Anne at In Residence for a few thoughts on what I’ve been up to this month.




traveling | nowhere at the moment, but we are in the process of planning our babymoon! We’re thinking of  the Southern Highlands, around Bowral or Moss Vale. It’s beautiful, it has lovely crisp winter weather, and it’s only 1 hour travel from our place (if that counts as travelling!). We’ll be going in late August, when I’ll be around 34 weeks, so its going to be a slow-paced, relaxed holiday.

grilling | not very much. The cold weather has finally kicked in (it’s quite amusing being two seasons apart from most other bloggers!) so grilled dinners are the furthest thing from my mind. Slow cooking, on the other hand…! It does remind me of these crazy spicy grilled skewers I made last year, though.

exploring | new places to live. We currently live in a top floor apartment, and that’s going to be no fun when baby arrives. Even now, in the second trimester, I’m struggling to get up the stairs after a long day of work. So, something ground floor would definitely be welcome. We’ve been looking at the real estate websites for a little while now, and we’re just about ready to go to house inspections.

planting |a little rainforest.  In Science this term, my class is learning about the rainforest . One week, we made our own rainforest in a plastic bottle. I used a silver lady fern and a small grassy plant and the kids took turns in preparing the soil, planting and watering. It was a great hands-on activity for the kids.




playing |the organ. I inherited my grandma’s old-school organ a few years ago when she moved into a nursing home. I can’t do anything fancy with pedals or the double levels, but I love playing old hymns like Holy, Holy, Holy and How Great Thou Art. I like to have a little play when I have some spare time alone (which isn’t much these days!)


10 thoughts on “Currently | June 2018

  1. “Holy, Holy, Holy” is one of my favorites! I love old hymns that are easy to sing. Anything with a straightforward melody that can be memorized after just a few run-throughs is easy in my book.

    I hope you’re able to find an apartment with less walking for you! When my family lived overseas, we were in a third-floor walk-up apartment. It was fine for us kids, but I must just be forgetting the years of hauling up groceries!


  2. Oh goodness! I can’t imagine being on the top floor with a new baby. I don’t blame you for scoping out new digs!


  3. Learning to play the organ is something on my life list – how cool that you have the special hand-me-down status of that one. I actually have my grandparents’ piano – they gave it to my family when they moved into their condo, so I learned to play on it growing up, and now that I have a house of my own, it lives with me!

    And have a great babymoon – such a nice thing to do before your new arrival 🙂


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