Our Israeli cuisine nights




This time, we were basing our cuisine night on whatever country won Eurovision. I thought that meant we’d be doing a European cuisine, but the winning country just happened to be Israel! It’s a weird song, but it’s on the right side of Eurovision weird and a powerful statement against bullying. We did an Egyptian cuisine night last time, so I think this marks the first time we’ve done two bordering countries one after the other.







The best felafels I’ve ever eaten were from a little food truck in the Old City of Jerusalem. So I knew that our entree would have to be felafel. We bought a new food processor recently which helpedΒ so much with making these. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they actually tasted like felafel!







This meal was slow cooked for around 12 hours! If my sources are correct, this dish is traditionally cooked just before the Sabbath starts, so by the time Sabbath dinner comes around they can just ladle it out without any work. This meant the meat was beautifully tender and delicately spiced, even if it doesn’t look pretty. I’m not so sure about the eggs in the recipe though. I can say now I’m not a huge fan of 12 hour cooked eggs!


Also, in a happy coincidence, the Knafeh food truck was in our area. It’s described as Jerusalem street food, so of course we had to go along!








Chocolate and sesame babka




Any recipe using Nutella has to be a good thing! The recipe also called for halva, which we couldn’t find anyway. So we thought the next best thing would be just to use sesame seeds, which worked quite well. As with most desserts, I ate way too much of this in one sitting!


For our next cuisine night, we will indeed be exploring a European country, something so classic in world cuisine that I’m surprised we haven’t done it yet.




11 thoughts on “Our Israeli cuisine nights

  1. Fabulous. My husband and I met in Israel. No better falafel than that in Israel- yum with all the fixings you can choose to add! And cannot go wrong with babka. I love your food nights. I think I am finally going to push my family to start doing this at least monthly. Hubby loves to cook and the kids love travel- maybe this will push them to be more adventurous with food. Thanks for all the inspiration over the months!


  2. You are introducing me to foods I have never eaten although I have heard fo them. Mind you, I am limited in my eating so alas could not even try a taste right now. Love the ventures into food and countries you are doing. Denyse #teamIBOT


  3. Israeli food is my favourite! The best falafel I had was in Jerusalem too! I’d love to know your recipe for the felafel. Perfect homemade felafel seems to elude me! I love cholent too – we used to have it at the kibbutz every week. I’d love to have a go at making it myself. Nom nom!


  4. I love coming here and taking a peek at what you’ve been cooking! YUM. It took me a while, but I found a felafel made somewhat locally that I love. It’s been a search, let me tell YOU! Haha.


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