20 weeks bumpdate

I can hardly believe that I’m halfway through this pregnancy! The first trimester did not go quickly at all, but now it seems like the weeks are flying by!




Baby is the size of: a banana (I’m assuming they mean length, not shape)



Interrupted sleep: I’ve been sleeping much better now. I’ve settled into a rhythm where I wake up around 2:30 needing to use the toilet. But I find it pretty easy to go back to sleep after that, so I really can’t complain for the moment.


Dry skin: My skin always gets a little dryer during the cold weather, and pregnancy has made it worse. I’ve had very dry, flaky skin on my hands, belly and breasts – I’ve been using the Vaseline intensive repair moisturiser which I find works really well.


Leg cramps: These are only mild but I’ve had a few little cramps in my legs from time to time.


Reading over what I’ve just written, these are all such minor symptoms. I’m going to enjoy this while it lasts!


Belly: I’m only just fitting into my work shirt now. I may have to find a larger size soon! Also, I had a family gathering on the weekend and my cousin’s 4 year old son told me I had a big belly. I then explained that’s cause I had a new little cousin for him in there!


Movement: I’ve been feeling stronger flutters and much more frequently. I’m wondering if the kicks will start soon.


Highlights: Having our 18-20 weeks ultrasound! It was so amazing to see our baby and to hear their little heartbeat again. Baby is healthy and we could see them kicking around in there. We also found out the gender, but readers of this blog will have to wait till the birth to find out (if I’ve told you in person, please keep it secret in any comments). Now we’ve had the ultrasound and found out the gender, it makes it feel so much more real!




Daniel’s response: As with our first ultrasound, he got to see the baby before me. His favourite picture from our ultrasound is one where you can see their little feet.


Looking forward to: going shopping for baby clothes now that we know the gender. I’ve also begun to think about the baby shower and our babymoon.


4 thoughts on “20 weeks bumpdate

  1. Exciting times! I love that you’re documenting the pregnancy – it will be such a joy to look back upon!


  2. So exciting! While I don’t have any desire to have any more kids I do miss being pregnant and the excitement and anticipation of that time (some things I could do without though, lol!) and also the feeling of bubs inside, wriggling around, I think that was the best bit! So glad to hear everything is going well xx


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