Our Mexican cuisine night

In our most recent cuisine night, we explored the cuisine of Mexico. It turns out most of what I saw as Mexican was actually Tex-Mex – think those Old El Paso packs. Now, Tex-Mex is very tasty and it frequently makes its way into our weekday meals. But for a cuisine night, we wanted to try something a little more authentic.







Chicken enchiladas with salsa verde



When I’ve had enchiladas before, they’ve usually been smothered in tomato salsa and cheese. So this salsa verde – made out of green capsicum and jalapenos – was a refreshing change. Of course, they were still smothered in cheese!



Pulled pork carnitas with corn salad



I’ll be honest, this one didn’t turn out exactly as I planned. We slow cooked the pork for about 4 hours after which it was beautifully tender and infused with flavour. But after pulling it into shreds, it quickly cooled down and became dry. It still tasted okay, but not the mouthwatering dish I’d been hoping for. The corn, black bean and avocado salad was delicious though.



Chilli hot chocolate



Oh my goodness, this was a rich dessert! Technically it’s drinking chocolate, but it’s so much thicker and chocolatey than the average hot chocolate. The combination of chilli and cinnamon also gave it a little kick of warmth. I couldn’t even eat it in one sitting but it was so so good!


It turns out that Mexican food was a little different to what I’d initially expected. But the balance of vibrant and earthy flavours were a delight, and the mariachi band music was so fun to dance to!















8 thoughts on “Our Mexican cuisine night

  1. I absolutely love Mexican food! Loving the look of your Chicken enchiladas with salsa verde and I’m a fan of pulled pork too. πŸ™‚


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