Husband of the blogger | Vol. 1

Since I’m now working full-time, I’m looking for blog ideas that don’t take too much time to prepare. And Kayla has a really fun one that I’ve followed for the last little while. Today, I’ll be interviewing my husband! Five questions on the topic While we were dating. 


historical tour 3


We’re sitting in our study, both at our desks. Our cat Henry is also present, nestled into a little hidey-hole. Daniel is half paying attention but is also playing Age of Mythology, after a long day of work.


1. In your opinion, what was the most memorable date we had?

Hard to choose from…umm…

Our first date, do you think? Meeting in the cafe and then walking around Circular Quay

Or that time we went bowling and ended up walking in the rain.

I think there would be other ones but that’s off the top of my head.


2. What do you remember as the worst date we ever had?

That Scottish thing – lots of vomiting.

(to make that clearer, we did a Scottish cuisine night once and I ended up getting food poisoning)

Does that count as a date? That was technically after the date.


bowling 1


3. What was the most special thing about our dating relationship that you are thankful has carried into our marriage?

(replies instantly) Cuisine nights, that’s an easy one.


4. What is one thing about our dating relationship that you miss?

We had more time then, in a way, than we do now.

I suppose that’s what happens when you’ve got lots of work.





5. If we could go on any kind of date and do anything on that date today, what would it be?

(thinks about it) Today? Today isn’t really a good time for it.

(I explain that I think the focus of the question is more your ideal date, rather than it being today)

Probably cuisine night.

Would you like to elaborate?

Just what we usually do, I think.

And I think you know how it would end (laughs)


It’s been more than two years now since we were dating, and that was a fun way to reminisce! Please check out Kayla’s blog for the Husband of the Blogger linkup and more husband interviews.






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