Our 20 cuisine nights!



My husband and I have reached a very special milestone in our marriage. Since getting married, we’ve now done 20 cuisine nights! We started off with the countries of our cultural heritage – Dutch, English, Irish and Danish – and then branched off to explore all the continents. I’m so thankful to live in a world where there’s such diversity and so many different types of delicious food!




I’m not going to write too much about our cuisine nights (maybe another post to come), but I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.



1. Dutch

Croquettes, braised beef with stamppot & apple pie

IMG_20160604_082640 IMG_20160604_082800 IMG_20160604_082904


2. English

Scones with jam and cream, roast beef & Bakewell tart

IMG_20160613_165012(1) IMG_20160613_185320 IMG_20160613_204941


3. Irish

Potato boxty, Dublin coddle & apple cake

IMG_20160703_181728 IMG_20160703_201206 IMG_20160703_215210


4. Danish

Smørrebrød, roast pork with rhubarb and cucumber & rødgrød med fløde

IMG_20160715_185041 IMG_20160715_201310 IMG_20160715_213403


5. Brazilian

Prawn soup, steak with chimichurri & fried bananas

IMG_20160806_182313 IMG_20160806_192955 IMG_20160806_210009


6. Korean

Japchae noodles, jjimdak braised chicken & Korean pancakes

IMG_20160827_184126 IMG_20160827_203604 IMG_20160827_213155


7. Italian

Roasted tomato and basil spaghetti, osso bucco & hazelnut cake

IMG_20160917_181955 IMG_20160917_193234 IMG_20160917_214609


8. Russian

Borsch, solyanka beef stew & honey cake

IMG_20161014_191520 IMG_20161014_195620 IMG_20161014_213735


9. Persian

Saffron and cranberry rice, walnut and pomegranate chicken & rosewater halva

IMG_20161111_190155 IMG_20161111_193319 IMG_20161111_211607


10. American

Shrimp and bacon chowder, barbecue pork ribs & pumpkin pie

IMG_20161125_181002 IMG_20161125_201132 IMG_20161125_223821


11. Moroccan

Spiced chicken with couscous, fish tajine & orange and almond cake

IMG_20161215_181947 IMG_20161215_195626 IMG_20161215_215311


12. Tongan

Chop suey, lu sipi with root vegetables & pineapple pie

IMG_20170107_184130_824 IMG_20170107_195034_952 IMG_20170107_213603_259


13. Australian

Mini meat pies, chilli and coriander sausage sandwiches & pavlova

IMG_20170127_184248_671 IMG_20170127_195312_997 IMG_20170127_224611_860


14. Vietnamese

Rice paper rolls, lemongrass pork & Vietnamese flan

IMG_20170224_192542_553 IMG_20170224_204555_611 IMG_20170224_213940_512


15. Zimbabwean

Roast pumpkin with peanut butter, spiced chicken stew with sadza & cornmeal cake

IMG_20170401_182630_777 IMG_20170401_194156_557 IMG_20170401_214041_091


16. Greek

Spanikopita, roast lamb with Greek salad & melomakarona



17. Portuguese

Bacalhau, piripiri chicken & Portuguese tarts

IMG_20170604_181825_682 IMG_20170604_195934_311 IMG_20170604_204356_841


18. Hungarian

Mushroom soup, beef goulash & cherry strudel

IMG_20170617_184828_584 IMG_20170617_201755_703 IMG_20170617_212449_843


19. Japanese

Okonomiyaki, shoyu ramen & Japanese cheesecake

IMG_20170715_181237_174 IMG_20170715_195940_842 IMG_20170715_205125_260


20. Icelandic

Lamb and vegetable soup, plokkfiskur & happy marriage cake

IMG_20170805_191517_661 IMG_20170805_202727_568 IMG_20170805_214536_063


What dishes would you order from this menu?





6 thoughts on “Our 20 cuisine nights!

  1. What a fun idea! You guys are such adventurous cooks – I love how you went all in for each different type of cuisine! Makes me want to try this with my hubby! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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