Our Icelandic cuisine night

It’s the last month of winter and the chilly weather is in its last days. So to say a proper farewell to the winter weather, we decided to explore the cuisine of Iceland. Now, some Icelandic food was right out of the question – sheep’s head and putrefied shark, anyone? But Icelandic cuisine is all about good quality fish and meat prepared clean and simple. It even ranked at the top in a documentary about the world’s best diet.





Lamb and vegetable soup




This was a wonderfully warming, delicate soup. The liquid ended up retaining all the flavour of the vegetables – potato, turnip, spinach and leek – and the lamb was surprisingly tender considering we accidentally had it simmering away on high heat for a while.







Plokkfiskur translates to something like ‘mashed fish’. Doesn’t sound the most appetising when you put it like that, but it ends up being very creamy and delicious. We also added potatoes, and some cheese on the top – I’m told the cheese isn’t strictly traditional but many Icelanders eat it this way now.



Happy marriage cake




I love the name of this dessert! According to one recipe, just like a happy marriage, this cake gets better with age. It’s essentially a rhubarb and strawberry crumble, with an oaty crust. For me, it was the highlight of the evening!


For our next cuisine night, we’re tossing up between Mexican and French. Let me know in the comments which one you think we should do.




8 thoughts on “Our Icelandic cuisine night

  1. I love that this is something you do!! I think we should try it in our house. Honestly I would never have though of an Icelandic cuisine though, but it looks yummy!


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