Our Japanese cuisine night

Our last three cuisine nights have been European based, so this time we’re mixing it up a bit and exploring Japanese cuisine.









This was a simple, healthy dish to make. Cabbage based pancakes with a whole lot of garnishes – we used shallots, pickled ginger and kewpie mayo. The recipe also suggested okonomiyaki sauce, which was described like worcestershire sauce but thicker. I couldn’t find this sauce in any shops, so I improvised and added cornflour to worcerstershire.



Shoyu ramen




Again, there was no complex cooking involved in this. It was more about getting the balance of flavours right and choosing the garnishes.  The broth had a lovely, rich flavour and the noodles were surprisingly filling. I didn’t know if a soup would be enough as a main, but I couldn’t even finish my bowl. It made for a pretty good breakfast the day after.



Japanese cheesecake




This tasted like a cross between a sponge and a cheesecake. We prepare our desserts first thing in our cuisine nights – they usually have the most technical steps so it’s best to do that when we’re still feeling fresh. This time, though, leaving it for a few hours caused it to deflate, so it wasn’t as light and fluffy as when it first came out of the oven. But it still tasted delicious!


It was nice to explore Japanese cuisine beyond sushi and instant ramen noodles. The cooking techniques were fairly simple – but the combination of different ingredients made for some good complexity both in taste and presentation.



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