Blue Mountains holiday | Day 5 – 7

The final days of our Blue Mountains holiday were spent exploring some new parts of the mountains. Climbing up to the mountain tops and climbing down to the valleys.  You can read about the first half of our holiday here.


Fairy falls


Day 5

After thoroughly exploring Katoomba and Leura, we headed up to Mt Victoria, the westernmost town in the Blue Mountains. From here we walked to some of the highest points of the mountains. Looking out at the mountain-top view, I couldn’t help but sing ‘How Great Thou Art’. We’d heard there was a little village called Bell nearby, so we thought it would be fun to visit – but when our GPS got there we found only a sign, a station and a whole lot of bush!

In the afternoon, we climbed down a multitude of steps and slopes into a rainforest valley (I have no idea what town it was closest to, as it was really far into the bush). Lots of ferns, moss and a little creek – so lush and beautiful.



Mt Piddington, one of the highest points of the mountains



Bell in the town of Bell



In the mountain rainforest


Day 6

Another day of bushwalking – we managed to do a longer one to Wentworth Falls rather than lots of short lookout walks. I do enjoy getting out into nature, but I don’t consider myself an adventurous bushwalker. So, a few moments in this walk stretched me a little out of my comfort zone. Not too much, though. I was on holidays, after all.

There was one little walk from our engagement day that we couldn’t remember the location. We randomly found it today! Not too much to see there, but reliving our little engagement day walk was fun.




Wentworth Falls


Day 7

All good things have to end – and we checked out of our mountain lodge this morning. We took the scenic route home, stopping at Lawson and Springwood in the lower mountains. I’ve worked out that my favourite walk and my favourite destination is not the same thing. We embarked on a walk to Dante’s Glen – so many steep, narrow steps that stretched me beyond my comfort zone. But the destination was so exquisitely beautiful that it made the walk almost worth it. Really, the photo here does not do it justice, it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen.


Dantes glen

Dante’s Glen




Springwood, in the foothills of the mountains




One of my favourite pictures of my husband – resting serenely on our final walk of the holiday


It was a little sad coming home from our holiday – everything instantly felt noisier and busier. But I was so thankful to have this time away. It’s even got me interested in doing some more bushwalking a bit closer to home!






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