Blue Mountains holiday | Day 1 – 4

Last week, my husband and I went on a holiday to the Blue Mountains. Lots of bush walking and lots of eating – which I’m sure balanced each other out!




Day 1

We arrived in the Blue Mountains around lunch time. Growing up, my family had a tradition where we’d get hamburgers for our first meal of the holiday. None of these gourmet burgers – real, old fashioned hamburgers. This is a fun little tradition to carry into my marriage.

Our home for the week was the Katoomba Mountain Lodge. For $390 for 6 nights, it was definitely budget accomodation. Some words that come to mind were quirky, rustic and full of character. In other words, old and a little run-down! But the place was clean, warm and cosy and I actually quite liked our little mountain lodge.


Displaying 20170708_091656.jpg


We didn’t do much this first day – just settle into our room and go for a little walk around the Katoomba main street. In the week leading up to our holiday, I’d made and frozen some slow-cooked meals in an attempt to save money on eating out. This turned out to be a pretty good option for our dinners, although next time I’ll look a bit more into which foods freeze and reheat well and which ones don’t!


Day 2

My husband and I  got engaged in the Blue Mountains, back in 2015. So today’s plan was to retrace our steps from that day. We went to Echo Point to see the Three Sisters, and then embarked on a longer walk to the Katoomba Cascades (where Daniel nearly proposed). Then finally, a trip to Silvermist Park to relive the moment where he actually did propose.








Daniel and I at Kingsford-Smith Park in Katoomba


blue mountains

The Three Sisters


Displaying 20170703_112743.jpg

Katoomba Cascades



Recreating our engagement moment!


Day 3

The day started with breakfast in Graze Cafe – and what an amazing breakfast it was! Corn fritters with bacon, chilli jam, potato rosti, sour cream and chives. Everything worked together so deliciously.


My aunt and uncle live in Glenbrook, in the lower Blue Mountains, so today we went to visit them. They showed us around Glenbrook National Park, and we did a short walk to Jellybean Pool. After that, we went back to their place for lunch. It was a lovely, relaxed day and it was nice to spend time with them without the busyness and bustle of a whole family gathering.



The delicious breakfast


Displaying 20170704_120110.jpg

Jellybean Pool

Day 4

For lunch today we went to the Yellow Deli. This place has such a warm, inviting atmosphere – lots of wooden furniture, soft lighting and instrumental music in the background. And the food is great too. A little bit hippie (as with much of Katoomba), but on the right side of hippie.


After lunch, we explored Leura. The way I understood ‘exploring Leura’ was walking around the shops, but my husband’s idea was to do some bushwalks in the surrounding area. We ended up doing both!


Displaying 20170705_112608.jpg

The Yellow Deli


Displaying 20170705_142751.jpg

One of the lookouts in Leura


Stay tuned for the next post with pictures from the last few days of our holiday.


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