If we met for tea | Vol. 6

It’s the 2nd Monday of the month, so I’m meeting again with Erin and the blogging ladies for our online tea/coffee date.




If we met for tea I’d let you know we’ve officially moved to our new church! We went to the Sunday morning service yesterday. It was so exciting to know that this is our new spiritual home. I don’t know how long we’ll even be living in this area, but for now this is where we are and I’m looking forward to seeing what God will do. The sermon was amazing – looking at the difficult topic of God and suffering. Lots to get my head around, but the topic was dealt with respectfully and the Bible was preached faithfully. After the service, we stayed around for fellowship and I think that ended up being longer than the actual service! It’s a very welcoming, social church, so I want to make the most of this fresh start and make connections with people right from the beginning.

Saying goodbye to my previous church was a little sad, but it feels like we left in the right way. The minister prayed for us and gave us his blessing. I think we’ll come back and visit some day, but we may need some distance and time to settle into our new church before we do that.


If we met for tea I’d show you some pictures from our Blue Mountains holiday! I’ll be sharing some of these pics in a blog post later this week – but I know I’d be gushing about how wonderful it was to get away to the cool, crisp air of the mountains. We did lots of bush walking and ate at some cute little cafes (I think those two things balance each other out). We had no set schedule but just decided what we’d do as we went along. I feel a bit flat now that I’m home – especially after my first early morning after a whole week of sleep-ins – but I’m so grateful I had that chance to restore and spend time with Daniel in beautiful surroundings. Have you been on a holiday recently? Do you have anything planned in the near future?


blue mountains



If we met for tea I’d share my thoughts on being 32. It was my birthday about 2 weeks ago, and the day itself was spent with my parents and husband. I found this song on YouTube which sums up being 32 quite nicely. The one thing the song doesn’t mention, though, is how clucky I’ve become recently. Ever since my birthday, it seems like the biological clock is ticking louder. Every pregnancy or birth announcement, and every baby I see gets me thinking of having one of my own. We definitely have plans to start a family in the future, but the timing isn’t right just yet. So for me, it’s learning contentment in this stage of life and letting things happen in God’s time.


If we met for tea I’d ask about your walk with God. What are you reading in the Bible at the moment? What is God speaking to you? I’m towards the end of my Romans quiet time study that I’d just started in our last tea date. The thing that really struck me about Romans is the connection between God’s mercy and our good works. The first 11 chapters go into great detail about God’s mercy shown to us through Jesus – and then in chapter 12 it says therefore, in response to all of this, live a life for God. It’s not about being good enough for God or keeping a checklist, it’s about genuine love and thanksgiving for all he’s done. His act of salvation comes first.


What would you say if we met for tea?



2 thoughts on “If we met for tea | Vol. 6

  1. How good does it feel to settle into a church home? It’s so important! I’m back at the church I grew up in, but when I left for college I totally felt out of place until I found a church I loved.


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