My morning & evening rhythm



I’ve seen a few bloggers recently posting about their daily routines. How do we care for ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually? How do we get through all the things that need to be done? I’m very much a creature of habit, so starting and ending the day right is very important to me. The word ‘routine’ seems too regimented and ‘ritual’ sounds too ‘new-agey’ for me. Rhythm has the idea of something constant but also living, breathing and changing.


This certainly isn’t the only way of doing things, nor is it even the best way. It’s just what’s working for me at the moment.



  • On a work day, I get up at 6:10. After getting up, I have my 5-minute shower. Just a short time, but it’s essential in making sure I’m functional for the rest of the day.


  • My husband prepares Vegemite on toast and our morning cups of tea. We sit and talk together until 6:35, when the alarm goes off letting us know we need to get ready. Depending on how good our conversations are, we sometimes let that alarm slide.


  • After breakfast, I sit down at my desk for a short Bible reading. I’m using a topical Bible reading challenge that goes through a particular theme each month. Only a few verses each day, and it takes only about a minute – it’s like taking one deep breath of Scripture before starting the day. This month, my Bible reading theme is grace.




  • Next up, my personal care. I’ve been using Nivea skin products for years and I use their cleanser and moisturiser daily. On days I’m working, I put some light foundation on. I’ve recently discovered the Maybelline BB Cream which gives a lovely, light coverage for daily use. On my days off, I don’t bother with make up.




  • Then it’s time to get dressed and pack lunches. It has got better than when we were first married, but there’s often still a slightly frantic conversation between about who’s preparing lunches and what we’re going to have!


  • At around 7:10 am, we’re ready to leave for work and get on with our day! Some days it’s harder than others to get through all this on time. Some mornings are relaxed, some are stressful.



  • Getting ready for sleep usually starts about an hour before I actually turn off the lights.


  • I use the Essano Rosehip Nightcream for my nightly skincare. It has a delicate fragrance to help me relax as I prepare for bed.




  • Quiet times – these are so incredibly important, although I sometimes get lazy and leave this step out. This is my time spent with God, gathering and restoring at the end of the day. It usually includes:

    • Reflecting about the day, confession and thanksgiving


    • Bible reading & devotional – at the moment, I’m reading through the She Reads Truth Romans series. I also write in my journal using the SOAP Bible reading method.


    • Prayer – I’ve tried over time to have some kind of system to record prayer points and answers, but I’ve never been able to stick to anything. So I just pray, remembering people I know and things happening in the news


    • If I feel particularly led, I might sing a worship song that connects with what I’ve read in the Bible.




  • After this, I go to bed for some reading and time spent with my husband. On weeknights, I’m usually sleeping by about 10pm. Although, if it’s been a busy day sometimes it’s more like 9:30. I’d like to say that on weekends I go to bed later, but it’s not usually the case!


There’s flexibility within these rhythms, and sometimes I just get lazy and leave things out. But for the most part it’s these things that help me start and end my day right.


What does your morning and evening rhythm look like?







10 thoughts on “My morning & evening rhythm

  1. We go to bed half an hour before lights out – we like to read before bed like a pair of old nanas! I love packing lunches – I usually have a batch of “go to” items in the freezer and some dip in the fridge which makes filling a lunch box a breeze!


  2. I feel peaceful just reading your morning and evening routine. It flows so beautifully. I love that you and your husband take that time in the morning to connect to. A morning habit that blesses your marriage, I am sure!


  3. i love the word “rhythm” rather than routine – it is definitely more flexible with the way life is not set in stone. thanks for sharing yours with us.


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