Our Hungarian cuisine night

Our intention is to do one cuisine night each month. May was such a busy month though, that we couldn’t even find time. On 1st June, we finally got our Portuguese cuisine night in – and only two weeks later, it was time for our June one. With the cold weather coming in, I’ve recently fallen in love with beef goulash. The rich, smoky flavours and tender beef are just exquisite. So, why not try the home of the goulash? Hungarian cuisine!





Mushroom soup




Mushroom soup seems pretty simple and generic, but surprisingly it turned out to be the dish of the night. The recipe called for a specialty Hungarian ingredient that could be replaced with soy sauce if needed (we went with the soy sauce). That gave it an extra kick that lifted it above the usual fare. I also love any recipe that uses dill.



Beef goulash




Oh, beef goulash. How I love thee. I’ve been cooking goulash about once a week recently, so this one had to be special. My husband took the lead on this dish, as he doesn’t usually have time to do slow cooking on work days. I was not disappointed! We put more smoked paprika in than usual, and more garlic. So it had a pretty intense flavour, but I loved it!



Cherry and cheese strudel




My second time cooking with filo pastry – I think I’m getting the hang of it. Lovely, crispy pastry with a cream cheese filling and sour cherries. After the richness of the goulash, this was a nice, light dessert to finish with. We could have put more cherries in the strudel, but maybe a few too many of them got eaten as soon as the jar was opened!



Next month we’ll be leaving the European continent and visiting Asia for a Japanese cuisine night!





6 thoughts on “Our Hungarian cuisine night

  1. I love Eastern European food of all kinds and this would be my dream dinner! The goulash looks the business!


  2. Yum, I love beef goulash! I use a recipe my mum has been cooking forever that she learned from my Oma. So good! Real comfort food during winter too. #team IBOT


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