If we met for tea | Vol. 5

Again we’ve reached the 2nd Monday of the month. I’m joining with Erin and the blogging ladies for our online tea/coffee date.




If we met for tea I’d tell you that we’re officially going to a new church! I’ve been at my current church since 2000, so it’s a huge life change but I think it’s really time. Our new church is called Hope Anglican and it’s literally a new church – as it just started last December. It’s in a newly developed suburb, so it’s really exciting to see God’s people intentionally moving out to where the people are. I know it’s not going to be a perfect church, but the teaching is solid and the fellowship is amazingly strong. We’ve been there twice to visit already, and everyone is so friendly and passionate about God. It’s like a breath of fresh air. We’re planning to start attending regularly in early July, so I’m sure I can tell you all about that in our next tea date! I am going to miss the people at my old church, but I’m very excited to make this change.



If we met for tea I’d be wearing my Union Jack cardigan and earrings, and would order scones with jam and cream. My American readers might not know, but today is the Queen’s Birthday. Not Queen Elizabeth’s actual birthday (that’s back in April), but the official day of celebration. And in Australia, it’s a public holiday! For most people it’s just a chance to have a day off, regardless of the reason. But I love English history and royalty, so I embrace this holiday wholeheartedly. I may even be speaking with more of an English accent than usual!



If we met for tea I’d share how I’m struggling just a bit to renegotiate my work-home balance. I started working at a new school earlier this year, and they’ve been giving me lots of work recently. It’s a lovely school and I mostly really enjoy my work. I’m very thankful to be there. The only problem is, it takes more than an hour to get home from work. My old school only took half an hour. So I’m getting home at 4:40 in the afternoon – at this time of year, it’s nearly dark. In the time before my husband gets home at 6 o’clock, I used to rest for a while before generally cleaning up and starting dinner. Now, it feels like I don’t have enough time for that. I think it’s just a matter of shifting my expectations and learning how to fit things in. I’ll get used to it, it’s just taking a while.



If we met for tea I’d tell you we’ve planned a holiday in the Blue Mountains! We’re going in the first week of July and I’m so excited! It’s my first holiday with my husband since our honeymoon, and the Blue Mountains is a very special place for us (it’s where we got engaged). We’re going to be getting proper winter weather too, there’s a slight chance it may even snow!



If we met for tea I’d tell you that I’ve just started looking at Romans in my quiet times. Last week I finished the Finding I AM study I was looking through with Ashley from Set My Heart On You. I can’t fully describe how richly that deepened my quiet times. I’m working with a She Reads Truth devotional now, and I’m desiring to study the Word so much more now. It’s connecting with my heart as well as my head, and leading into prayer. I don’t say this to boast in any way, because it’s completely from God.


I’ve read through the first few chapters of Romans so far, where we see just how badly we need a Saviour – and it’s very personally convicting. I know how much I do need Jesus, and how badly I turn away from God by myself. I’d ask you what book of the Bible you were reading at the moment. I’d love to hear what God was speaking to you. And I think my heart would be full of joy as we spoke together about God.



What would you say if we met for tea?


6 thoughts on “If we met for tea | Vol. 5

  1. Bella! I love that you know what you would wear on our coffee date. My husband and I are about to go on vacation, too! That time away is so, so needed. We also started going to a new church a few months ago, and that kind of transition is always hard. We had been at our previous church for six years, and starting over feels really daunting, to be honest. But we are worth it, and the people we will forge new relationships with are worth it. I love that you can already see God working there! So happy to have you, as always.


  2. Hi Bella! I see you’re from Australia. My best friend just moved to Brisbane (we’re from the US), so I’m trying to learn more about your country. I’m excited to start reading your blog. Hope you enjoyed your holiday today!


  3. Oh I love the Blue Mountains, it’s my favourite spot for a weekend away! I love the sound of the union jack earrings and cardi! We love the Queen’s birthday in Australia, in all the years we lived in the UK we never got a day off to celebrate!


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