Our Portuguese cuisine night

My husband and I love Eurovision. It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but it’s so much fun. We decided that we’d do a cuisine night for whichever country won this year. The honours ended up going to Portugal – such an ethereal, old-world song. We were both very excited about the chance to cook Portuguese cuisine! That was a few weeks ago now. Our weekends have been so busy lately that we only managed to find time for cuisine night this Sunday. After a few postponed attempts, our Portuguese cuisine night finally arrived!










Okay, this one isn’t technically accurate. Bacalhau refers to salted cod, and the only was fish we could really get was basa. So probably we should call it basalhau instead. But everything else was done according to the recipe. I’m not a huge fish fan, but this one tasted pretty good.




Piripiri chicken with roast potatoes and salad




My favourite guilty pleasure is the Bondi burger at Oporto – so piripiri chicken was always going to make it into our Portuguese cuisine night! The flavours were beautiful and the chicken was tender. And those thinly sliced potatoes soaked in the juice from the chicken – delicious!




Portuguese tart




I was worried about this one. After reading through a few recipes, it looked like it was going to be complicated. Dessert isn’t our strong point, either. But we decided to tackle this one first, before entree or main, and we stuck meticulously to the recipe. And it worked! They ended up looking like Portuguese tarts. There’s still some room for improvement but, from someone who was expecting a disaster, I was pleasantly surprised.


6 thoughts on “Our Portuguese cuisine night

  1. Wow! Good on you guys. What a fun idea!! You’ve really gone all out. I’ve not watched Eurovision for years. I’ll have to tune in next time. #teamIBOT


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