Favourite Finds | May 2017

As we near the end of the month, I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve been enjoying in May.


On the screen

One show that my husband’s introduced me to is Alias. We’ve been watching through it recently, and we’re just nearly finished the 4th season. I’m really enjoying watching it, and the 4th season seems to have some of the best episodes. It’s a good blend of action and drama, as the implications of living life as a secret agent are explored. And some of the episodes are just fun and silly. We’ve been watching one episode most nights after dinner.

On the page

For the first part of the month, I was reading an old favourite – Jane Austen’s Emma. It’s about the third or fourth time I’ve read it (I can’t remember which) so it was like visiting an old friend. It’s quite different rereading something after so many times. I feel like I could read through it quicker, because I remembered all the plot details as they arose. Lots of treasured moments and characters in that book. I also love the 2009 miniseries – such a joyful representation!

The next book I read this month was The Lake House by Kate Morton. I really don’t want to say much about this one at all, because I don’t want to give anything away. I’ll just say this – it’s a cross between a family saga and a mystery novel, where a child goes missing in the 1930s and the case is reopened in 2003. Lots of twists and turns, and very sympathetically drawn characters – I absolutely loved it!

On the internet

I used to read lots of online blog articles. The ones from big name bloggers – Desiring God, Gospel Coalition, Ann Voskamp. I still read those occasionally, but recently I’ve been finding my reading material in smaller places. I love reading the blogs of other women, many of them who are in blogging groups with me. No big names, just real people with their lives and their ideas and inspirations.

Saying that, I think this Gospel Coalition article about what happens to animals when they die was interesting, offering hope without going outside what the Bible lets us know.

On the plate

The weather is cooling down, and with the cool weather comes slow cooking. Oh my goodness, I love slow cooking! Beef casseroles, tajines, goulash! Slow cooked meals are so warming and delicious in winter, and they are actually very easy to make – provided you have the time to prepare before hand. We use the oven rather than a slow cooker, so the pot needs to go in about three hours before eating. This makes it a little hard on days where I’ m working but on my at-home days, it’s always worth taking the time.

And just one more thing. The weather is so delightful at the moment – chilly nights and mornings that warm up to gentle sunshine. If the weather stayed like this all year round, I’d be very happy.

What things have you been enjoying this month?


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